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“This unhealthy genius-lust drives people to say things like, ‘My nine year old is reading Flaubert’ before adding, ‘in translation, unfortunately’ thus turning their ghastly boast into an even more ghastly humblebrag.” — I’ve just read in an article about how some parents want their child to be a genius.

HUMBLEBRAG. A word which covers what has become a rather common trend now since the rise of the social media. Meaning bragging – but disguised with (false) humility, a statement which purports to be self-deprecating but in fact is meant to show off wealth, importance or ability. Apparently the Twitterati are among the worst offenders. 

The Urban Dictionary contributors have come up with some sharp-witted definitions of the term. Here’s one of them:
“The lowest, most despicable and loathsome form of self promotion, often delivered in a terse one or two fragmented sentences on social networking sites.”

How’s that for a challenge in your next interpreting assignment?

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Monika Kokoszycka

London-based freelance conference interpreter, EU-accredited member of AIIC (Polish A, English B, German C). Curator and editor of InterpreterSoapbox and Tłumacze z polskiego. Co-founder and curator of Skilliga, a free site listing training and professional development opportunities for translators and interpreters.

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